To Shave or Not to Shave

“To Shave, or Not to Shave” — That is the Question.

For hundreds, or even thousands of years, men all over the world have complained about the fact that they HAVE to shave. Shaving is a chore — a painful one. All of us, at some point have whined about getting razor bumps, dry skin, or irritation due to shaving. I personally used to complain about my razor burn every single morning to the man in the mirror. It was then when I started searching for the techniques, products and rituals that would make me, and my skin, feel great every day.

The amount of shaving and grooming products out there is vast. It is very important to learn which ones are the best for you depending on your kind of beard and skin. In my case, I have coarse hair, and a combination of sensitive with oily skin a real nightmare. I use to have red, flaky skin, and that made me feel self-conscious all day and affect my performance at work, with my relationships and with all aspects of my life in general. And believe it or not, all these problems were in part caused by an insignificant, evil, little alcohol-based shaving cream in a can that was fighting to destroy my skin!

Now, I feel great, and I can even dare to give advise to all of you! Why? Because I think that it is time that we all come together, and say: I HAD A PERFECT SHAVE THIS MORNING. AND I LIKE IT! WORLD: I FEEL GREAT TODAY. That is my goal: To help you all feel great every morning about yourselves. And we will start this journey with the most simple, common task — Shaving.

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