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What is it about gift-giving that is so stressful?  It is better to give than to receive, blessed are those that can give without remembering, and all that jazz.  Then why do I dread birthdays, Christmases, and, especially, Mother’s and Father’s days so much?  I am most certainly not a bad son; I have it on good authority that I am my parents’ favorite, no matter what my brother and sister say.  I have gone through all the standard gifts: flowers and jewelry for Mom, ties and shirts for Dad.  Each year, it becomes more and more difficult to express how much I care about them through some single object, and from my talks with my siblings and peers, I am not alone in this dilemma.  Until I started working at êShave, this Father’s Day was shaping up to be one of the most dreadful yet, as I am sure it is for most people.


As this company makes men’s products, we naturally have a big rush around Father’s Day, and this means tons of stressed out sons like myself come along to search for the perfect gift for dear old dad.  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, so this season presents a unique problem: how can we make the best out of what most people consider a miserable time of year?


Pondering this and all the rest of the world’s problems (as I do every morning after SportsCenter and my bowl of Lucky Charms), I made my way to the êShave offices, where the salespeople were conducting their weekly conference call.  Each Wednesday, they gather to discuss current strategies, sales figures, and their favorite colors in order to maximize business.  Being a lowly intern, I am usually not privy to these conversations, but today I was asked to sit in and listen.


From the speakerphone, our fearless leader, Danielle Malka, explained in simple terms what needed to be done.  Customers should be happy, and it is our job to make them happy.  While I ignored for a second the lingering thought that we should be making people happy all of time, regardless of holiday season, Danielle emphasized our commitment to customer satisfaction.  We sell luxury products, after all, tools which are meant to luxuriate.  Our products make our customers feel good and relaxed, but only after they use them.  Truth be told, the myriad of creams and scents can seem daunting on first glance; for instance, new users often can’t see the relative benefits of Orange Sandalwood After Shave Soother versus White Tea After Shave Cream.  This added level of decision-making increases stress (and makes your hair fall out, which ultimately cuts into our profits).


That’s where our salespeople come in.  Our goal whenever anyone comes into the store is to create the most inviting, helpful atmosphere so that our clients feel at home and can make informed decisions.  êShave quality means more than a fancy box or sweet-smelling cream; it is a commitment to improving the lives of each and every person that walks in the doors.  We provide an experience—what the French call un expérience—that is unmatched elsewhere.  We are the total package, and we will work tirelessly to make our client’s lives better.


So, Danielle continued, here is the plan: at our stores and on the phone, our salespeople will work to be even more friendly and helpful.  We will assist customers in every aspect of the shopping process, aiding them to find the best gift for dad, grandpa, or any other important man in their life.  We want to make this stressful time slightly less stressful.  So if you’re racking your brain trying to find the perfect gift for Father Dearest, look no further than your friendly neighborhood êShave rep.  We’ll help you find what you’re looking for, and you’ll look good doing it.

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